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Kain means “to eat”, but it also means connection. We want to bring you in a culinary
journey celebrating authentic Filipino flavors, using the best quality produce, inspired
by home cooked dishes and street food, served with modern approach that appeals to everyone´s palate.
Treat yourself to a taste of Philippines right in the heart of Oslo.

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What is Filipino food?

A melting pot! A food bomb! With 7,107 islands, Philippines is home to a vast number of cultures.
Also enriched by foreign influences such as Spanish, Malay, Chinese,
Japanese and American. The great numbers of influences shaped the culinary culture with so much flavor, color, texture and diversity.
But the Philippine cuisine is
most characterized by the Filipino way of eating “salo-salo” or “sharing is caring “ or communal eating which begins with the wonderful pronouncement of
"Kain na ", meaning : let’s eat!

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